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Doe Lake Road and Waters Road

Harmony United Church, Doe Lake Road and Waters Road, Draper Township
Eight Point Star Quilt Square

The following is a History of the Harmony United church as prepared by Heather Coupland and Helen Waters. This was prepared for the hundredth anniversary which was celebrated on July 16, 1995. The Uffington Circuit Register indicates that in 1886 there was a class #4 which would appear that the Members in the Harmony area were: Walter Tingey, class leader, Cyrus Kenney, Mrs. Rousehorn, Mrs. Workman and Wesley Ruttan, steward. On November 22, 1894 The Trustees of the Harmony Congregation of the Methodist Church purchased the southwest corner of Lot 6, Concession 1 of Draper Township from the Woollings. Helen Waters says that the organ at Harmony today came from the Uffington Church.

In 1958 Mrs. E. Syvret and Mrs. F. Shelley were stewards and Mrs. Lloyd Tingey was the treasurer.
In 1964 the members of the committee were Mrs. Wes Rebman, Mrs. Helen Waters and Mrs. Bernice Merkley.
Helen Waters is quoted as saying “my earliest recollection of the little white church was in 1947 when my family moved from Bracebridge to Weismiller’s Lake (Germania). My Grandfather W. F. Shelly and my father Frank Shelly set up a small saw mill, and built four small one story homes around the lake. My mother Aileen, two younger siblings, brother J.R. and Eleanor, would walk from the lake to the church that year. The young male pastoral students would board at one of the homes in Uffington or Barkway, often at the home of Wes and Florence Rebman. They would travel the small gravel country roads by bicycle from church to church each Sunday. Fond memories of Mrs. Rosie (Fred) Seehaver linger, the ever faithful organist.

In the 1950’s the church was painted by Barbara Tingey, Russell Ruttan, Frank, Aileen, J.R., George and Ritchie Shelley. In 1954 Rosie would be the moving force to organize bake sales to pay for the replacement of the roof with aluminum for $104. The work was done by Kermit White. Also that year my Mom, Aileen Shelly would have Dad truck the church pews to the lake, strip, and refinish them to the natural wood colour that they are today.

In the 1960’s Shad Tingey (Dawn) donated several loads of gravel to our muddy parking area.

In 1974 ceramic plates with a sketch of Harmony Church were sold to raise money to repair the chimney, foundation and roof. The art work was donated by Jack Ralston. Larry Speicher was hired to complete the work.
During the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s the church was painted by Marvin and Helen Waters and family. Paint was donated by Larry Dawson (June).”

There are many others to thank over the years but space is limited. Thank you to all the families and neighbours who have helped out at this church over many years.

This church was decommissioned on July 12, 2015.  It is now privately owned with no public access.

Doe Lake Road and Waters Road Harmony United Church