Ryde 135 Barn Quilt TrailHome Page

1966 Doe Lake Road

Lot 23, Concession 13
Double T Quilt Square

This land was registered from the Crown to Nicholas May on April 1, 1884.

Teddy Taverner cut the logs for the timbers in Lewisham for this barn. Art Tingey bought the barn from Mr. Taverner, dismantled and moved it to this property in the 1920’s. Marshall Davy framed the barn at that time. The stone basement of this bank barn is part of the original house that was built on the land. The property was farmed for many years and hay is still harvested.

In the 1980’s, during a wind storm the west side of the barn was blown in. Lloyd Tingey hired Cliff Fitchett to straighten and brace the structure.

In 1994, Peter Tingey put the cement wall under the north and west side of the building. The cement cow mangers were put in at the same time. In 1999, the cattle were sold from this location.

Today the farm is a private residence without access to the property and remains in the extended family.