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1586 Barkway Road

1586 Barkway Road
Tree Everlasting Quilt Square

This bank barn was built likely in the early 1920’s. It is built with mostly hemlock, especially in the beams, with elm and poplar throughout.

Adolph Pilger farmed it during this time and unfortunately passed away likely in his early 40’s.  He was taking hay into the barn and the bundle of hay was too big for the opening and caught on the round log scaffolding; it in turn fell on him.

Harold Cooper took over the farm at this time in 1937 and lived as a bachelor for nine years.  Sterling Cooper, one of his sons says “It is said that the men helping him were amazed that he could come in from the fields, get the wood stove hot and put on a good meal so quickly.  Maurice Cook was one of the ones that worked for him, likely starting out by driving the horses on the hay wagon.”

In 1946 Harold married Willa Goheen and they had six children together. Their farm consisted of dairy cattle and horses.

Today this is still a productive horse farm harvesting hay each year and remains in the Cooper family.

This is a private residence without access to the property.
Milk Truck Coopers in 1984 CooperQuiltSide