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1326 Barkway Road

Lot 16, Concession 10
Crossroads Quilt Square

Land was registered from the Crown to John Farley on September 30, 1875. Mr. Farley sold all pine to Georgian Bay Lumber Company for five years. This amount was registered on title on September 5, 1880.

Mr. Farley sold all lands to Horace Yeoman and it was registered on February 25, 1885 for $2,000.

(After this time various owners of all or part of Lot 16: Martin Clement, Marshall Davy, Samuel Downey, James Post, John Boon, Ella Thompson, Walden Clement, Stephen Dart and Phyletus Brace.)

On October 9, 1920 Phyletus Brace sold to Jacob (& Elizabeth) Rebman for $2,000. In 1936 Jacob passed away while driving horses. Albert Duggan was with him at the time and was able to take control of the team of horses. Wes Rebman, their son and his wife Florence acquired the farm property at that time. They had been residing on a farm on Merkley Road but moved to this location at the four corners of Barkway to live with his widowed Mother. Wes Rebman with the help of others raised the barn and put in a foundation at that time.

The original bank barn was 36 x 50 and made mostly of pine. It was built to house cattle and horses. Cream was shipped and eventually both cream and milk were sold. Aubrey Rebman, son of Wes states that Mr. Plewis picked up the milk with horses. He had a coal oil heater to help keep him warm. After that time Lorne McWade picked up in milk cans.

Eileen Taverner (Rebman) daughter of Wes and Florence tells us the following “lots of chores to be done on the farm but we had fun too. I remember the home made ski I had and the sleigh rides in the winter. We had Christmas concerts and Friday night dances at the Orange Hall across from our house. My Mother would bring over a big pot of tea and put it on the wood stove at the hall. Candy bars were a nickel, there was lots of penny candy, and coke was the big drink and was about 10 cents. Postage stamps were 1-2 cents each for post cards and 3 cents for a letter, and coal oil was 50 cents a gallon.” Mrs. Taverner still resides in the village of Barkway, Ryde Township.

On May 15, 1987 the Rebman family sold the farm to Ed & Nancy McNaughton. There have been other owners since this time.

This is a private residence without access to the property.

1326 Barkway Rd 1922 gathering cream for Eldon Creamery 1326 Barkway Road