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1312 Merkley Road

Lot 7, Concession 10
Snail’s Trail Quilt Square

The land was registered to Robert Fielding from the Crown on March 19, 1881.
On May 11, 1906, the land was sold to Henry (Mary) Merkley.

Upon his death the land was transferred on October 24, 1921 to his widow Mary Merkley and then to one of their sons Ernie O. F. Merkley on July 3, 1945.

The land was farmed by the same family with other parcels up until the late 1980’s. This consisted of dairy cattle and crops of hay and oats. Hay is harvested off part of this property to the present day.

The current owners have owned part of this 100 acre lot since 2014.

This is a private residence without access to the public.

1312 Merkley Road JBraden