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1217 Merkley Road

Lot 10, Concession 11
Sunflower Quilt Square

(This barn quilt square is temporary down for repairs)

The farm was bought by the Merkley family in 1906 and is retained by the same family. Henry Merkley raised seven children here. He was a lumberman and a farmer. In 1932 one of his sons, Ernie took over the farm. In 1950 hydro came to the farm and the same year tractors started to replace horses. In 1952 milking machines replaced hand milking. In the 1950’s they began to ship milk to the local dairies; before that, only cream had been sold. In 1978, Ernie’s son Ernest took over the dairy farm and continued shipping milk until 1988.

The clay bank barn is post and beam frame with wooden boards. The present foundation was built in 1946. The farm continues to pasture horses and hay is harvested each year.

This is a private residence without access to the property.

1217 Merkey Rd MerkleyQuilt-300x200