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1007 Cooks Road

Lot 25, Conc 9
Friendship Circle Quilt Square

The land was registered to John Livingston Miller on November 6, 1883.

(Various owners after that time were John & Sarah Miller, Robert McNairney, Phylander Ruttan and George Cook.)

George Cook obtained this property on April 5, 1916.

The bank barn was built in the late 1800’s, consisting of hemlock, pine and tamarack. The barn was moved 50 feet east to west by horses in 1940 to build a stable under it.  The stable was built into a rock face and the foundation consists of stones and cement.   It was a dairy farm with milk shipped.  They also had beef cattle. The upper part of the building was used for threshing in the fall. Logging was also done by the Cook family.

Maurice Cook states “my parents Sam and Ettie had six of us including myself, Gerald, Lawrence, Carl, Olive and Audrey.  We farmed.  I met my wife Marjorie at Summerland; she was from Wood Lake. We worked hard.”

The farm is still owned by the Cook family and hay is harvested from it each year.

This is a private residence without access to the property.

Maurice Cook skidding Cook Barn