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1003 Riley Lake Road

Part Lot 27, Concession 5
Bear’s Paw

Nine acres were secured from the Crown at a price of $75 per acre. Summerland Dance Hall opened in the summer of 1948. It was not uncommon to have well over two hundred people attend: men, women and children, as told by Katherine McKinnon.
There were several different country dances performed at that time: square dance, round, waltz, barn dance, polka, two step, schottische and the circassian circle.

There was a violin, banjo, piano, guitar and sometimes two fiddles. Amos Kett made up the band with Carl McIntosh playing the fiddle and Archie Fitchett calling the square dances.

The dances continued through the early 1970’s as Summerland Dance Hall with a full house every Saturday night. As noted below it was also used for other purposes.

The following appeared in the local newspapers:

Barkway W.I. held….bazaar at Summerland Hall, Riley Lake on July 11th. We were very grateful to Mr. Wayne Robinson, manager for his assistance and the use of his hall. We wish him every success this summer.
Gravenhurst News July 16, 1970

Advertisement – Coming Events: Summerland Dance Hall, Riley Lake. Opening dance- May 22nd. Admission $ 1.25 per person.
Gravenhurst News May 20, 1971

After the dance hall closed, it was not used for several years and then opened as a store. Don Scott bought the store from Ray Moore in 1985. He started the hunting contest during this time. Mr. Scott operated the store for approximately four years and then sold it.
This is still an active neighbourhood store, serving food. The present owners are Ron Post and Carrie Marriott.
All are welcome!

1003 Riley Lake Rd 1003 Riley Lake Road