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Barn Quilt Sites

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The Starting Point

The Starting Point, east of Hwy 11 at Exit 175 (Doe Lk. Rd)

1155 Doe Lake Road

1155 Doe Lake Road, “Cock’s Comb”

1605 Doe Lake Rd, “Wild Goose Chase”

1758 Doe Lake Rd, “Saw Blade”

1966 Doe Lake Rd, “Double T”

Doe Lk Rd at Waters Rd, “Eight Point Star”

1083 Barkway Road, “Pines and Maples”

1144 Barkway Rd, “Goose Tracks”

"Morning Star" qult square

1235 Barkway Rd, “Morning Star”

1326 Barkway Rd, “Crossroads”

1006 Ben Lake Rd E, “Day and Night”

1005 Merkley Rd, “Northern Lights”

1007 Merkley Rd

1007 Merkley Rd, “Spider Legs”

1217 Merkley Rd, “Sunflower”

1312 Merkley Rd, “Snail’s Trail”

1140 Barkway Rd, “Log Cabin”

1586 Barkway Rd, “Tree Everlasting”

"Schoolhouse in the Pines", Ryde Community Centre

1624 Barkway Rd, “Schoolhouse in the Pines”

"Heavenly Stars", Ryde Centennial Free Methodist Church

1667 Housey’s Rapids Rd, “Heavenly Stars”

1670 Houseys Rapids Rd, “Crossed Canoes”

1003 Riley Lake Rd, “Bear’s Paw”

1622 Housey's Rapids Rd

1622 Housey’s Rapids Rd “General Store”

1622-24 Housey’s Rapids Rd, “Twisting Star”

1007 Cook’s Rd, “Friendship Circle”

1458 Housey’s Rapids Rd, “Crown of Thorns”

1064 Barkway Road “Maple Leaf”

Photos are copyright of Ryde Community Co-op.