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World War I

Housey’s Rapids column: Privates R. Goheen and Ralph Young paid a flying visit to Housey’s Rapids with their new uniforms on.
Orillia Packet January 13, 1916

Barkway column: Ptes. Oliver Lewis, James Tryon, Bert Merkley and J. Knight connected with the 122nd Battalion, Bracebridge secured three days leave of absence which they spent in our burg.
Gravenhurst Banner April 27, 1916

Housey’s Rapid column: The young men went from our burg to be examined for service. There are very few here left, as almost all have already gone to war.
Orillia Packet November 1, 1917

Housey’s Rapid column: Messrs. Fred Walker and Stanley Cook have been called to the colours.
Orillia Packet May 16, 1918

The proclamation has been issued calling up for military service the young men of 19 years…
Orillia Packet May 16, 1918

Registration question….who must register? Every man and woman in Canada of 6 years and upwards… Orillia Packet May 30, 1918

Ramona column: The war being over everyone is wearing a smile. Even the frogs are singing, something very rare for this time of year.
Orillia Packet November 21, 1918

World War II

Large Wolves shot in woods and Ryde: Private William Robins of Barkway shot a large wolf this fall when home on leave from camp Borden where he is in training for the 48th Highlanders.
Gravenhurst Banner December 12, 1940

Barkway organizes Red Cross Society
Gravenhurst Banner January 16, 1941

10 pounds of sugar for each person (for canning). Ordinary ration ½ lb. per person per week.
Orillia Packet and Times May 20, 1943

Thanks letters sent Barkway Cross…from the boys of that community who are serving overseas… Tpr. L.M. Ruttan, Pte. G.L. McWade, Pte. O. Fitchett, GNR. C. L. Robbins. (letters from above printed also L/Cpl. K.J. Lowe, Pte. J.E. Taverner, Spr. L.H. Cook, Tpr. M.C. Lemay, Pte. D. E. Robbins, Pte. J. Tryon, Tre A. W. Lemay, Spr. W.J. Bristow, Lieut. I.S. Cook Al, Tr. L.H. Clement, Pte. R. E.C. Beaty.
Gravenhurst Banner March 15, 1945

Housey’s Rapids column: Carl Cook is now home after receiving his release from the army. He was attached to the provost corps at Niagara.
Orillia Packet and Times August 1, 1946