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Kahshe Lake News: Those who use ice cubes in their liquid refreshments may be interested to know that with other waters in Muskoka condemned for ice impurities, your local correspondent sent in a sample to the government and got back an A1 for Kahshe water. B and C are drinkable but an A puts us well in the clear. It is to be remembered that the Indians brought their convalescents to the shores of Kahshe in the ‘good old days’ to recuperate on its reputably medicinal waters.
Gravenhurst Banner January 24, 1946

Kahshe Lake: The famous Iroquois Spring is going to be leaned out and re-established. This is the spring where the Indians drank more than a hundred years ago and because of it Muskoka Road took a course that lead to the clear ever-bubbling water.
Gravenhurst Banner July 15, 1948