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(Excerpts from Ryde Council Minutes)
That the sum of $ 12. Be appropriated to build a bridge on the Gartnersnake River at Lot 5, Con 12.
That the sum of $18. Dollars be appropriated on Ryde Road from top of hill south of Housey’s Rapids bridge to hill near Housey’s Mill.
April 11, 1879

That the sum of seventy-five dollars be appropriated on the Buck River bridge.
That the sum of $ 22 be appropriated to be spent on Roads in School Section 3.
May 30, 1881

…do let by contract the building of a bridge across Benn’s Creek on the side-line between Lots 15 & 16 con 12
August 20, 1883

Tenders received from Mr. Merkley at $100.and Mr. Bush at $ 190. That Mr. Wm. Merkley’s tender for building a bridge over the Gartnersnake River be accepted; that the said bridge be completed on or before the 10th day of September 1884; that when the timber is all on the ground and the Bens sat (sic) up Mr. Merkley receive the sum of $25.00.
June 30, 1884

That Eli Long be granted the sum of eighty dollars as compensation for horse fatally injured on Public road.
December 15, 1888

That Henry Dedlow be paid $2.00 for watching Gartner Snake Bridge during time of fire.
December 20, 1894

That H. Merkley be paid the sum of $5.38 for fencing gravel and repairing Road on Sideline 15 & 16, Lot 15.
August 15, 1905

That J. E. Taverner be appointed Commissioner to have road repaired which was burned out in Lewisham.
May 30, 1914

That a Bylaw be introduced to widen all heavy sleighs to a width of 4 feet between runners.
April 21, 1928

…wages for man only $.50 per hour. Wages for man and team to be $.75 an hour.
January 12, 1948

…request the Dept. of Highways to take over the rebuild of the road from Big Eddy on Black River to Housey’s Rapids.
February 5, 1962

In sketch, the Barkway Road is marked “Ryde Township Road.”
August 1, 1970