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Lively times on the falls with saw logs. The Black River is full of logs, and dams are being formed in hopes of flooding them over the falls.
Orillia Packet April 12, 1878   

The Canadian Lumberman calls attention to the fact that although the United States has frequently made estimates of their remaining pine, nothing of the sort has been done for Ontario, where the last forests have now been pierced through and from the two sides lumbermen have met ont he ridge which divides the tributaries of the Ottawa from the rivers that flow into the Georgian Bay whose North shore is being also rapidly depleted. It is believe that not ten per cent of our great pineries remain.
Orillia Packet January 27, 1893, p.1

Ryde Column: Carter & Co. of Fesserton, let the contract of driving their logs out of Garter Snake and Buck lakes. Mr. Houston is a skillful hand with logs, and will soon have the drive into the lake of many bays and islands.
Orillia Packet May 17, 1900

Lewisham column: Mr. Cockburn, Mickle, Dyment & Son’s scaler has been calling on his jobbers here recently.
Orillia Packet January 14, 1904

Lewisham column: A number of the men have gone to the Bark Camps.
Gravenhurst Banner June 3, 1915

Housey’s Rapids column: Hauling logs and marsh hay is the order of the day here…
Gravenhurst Banner February 2, 1922

Lewisham column: Mr. J.E. Taverner’s mill is in full operation again. He has quite a supply of logs to cut.
Gravenhurst Banner April 6, 1922

Barkway Column: Quite a number of men have gone to McNeil’s Camp near Cache Creek.
Gravenhurst Banner November 18, 1937