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Entertainment & Television


Lewisham column: Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Fenton gave their wedding dance on Friday last. A number of the people attended and report a good time.
Gravenhurst Banner December 9, 1915

Housey Rapids column: A dance was given at the home of Mr. Henry Cook for F. Walker and Stanley Cook, last Friday evening.
Orillia Packet May 16, 1918

“The Sutton Bell” was later sold to William and Ernest Cook. They ran it for a number of years. It was used as a pleasure boat (on Kahshe Lake) carrying large crowds of merrymakers to and from different picnic grounds on the shore of the lake. Many a dance was held on the shore as the boat pulled the young folks up and down the lake…
Gravenhurst Banner January 30, 1947

Housey Rapids Women’s Institute:
Housey Rapids W.I. carried out a program of unusual activity this summer. Beginning with a picnic held near Riley Lake for the school children.
Gravenhurst Banner October 7, 1948


Good reception on television set at Housey Rapids:
A television set at the Housey’s Rapids post office and store in Ryde Township 14 miles from Gravenhurst is causing much excitement and curiosity in that area. It is the first television set known to be operating in this part of the district. The set is owned by Alfred Taylor, who says he has been getting excellent reception, particularly in the evenings since last Sunday, when he extended the aerial from 60 feet to 75 feet from the base to the top of the mast. He receives programs from Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo. The aerial is on an old windmill tower on a rock next to the store. “I guess everybody thought I was foolish to install the set at first” said Mr. Taylor. “They thought it was impossible to get reception around here. They thought the same about F.M. radio which I have had for the past two years!” Reception on his television, Mr. Taylor claims is just like watching a picture in a theater. It is really something to have. We’ve had a lot of people around to see it.”
Gravenhurst Banner October 9, 1950