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Barkway column: The Rev. Paull of Uffington was presented by his members of the Ryde appointment and friends there and elsewhere, with a fine black fur coat and a good pair overshoes, and at the same time they presented Mrs. Paull with a beautiful heavy shawl and skirt and woolen jacket. These kind friends also gave sugar and tea in abundance and candies to Mr. Paull’s fine promising little son. This is not the first time during the year that Mr. Paull has been presented with an offering from his people. A few months ago a good sized box was put into his cutter and upon opening it he found ‘good things’ enough to last him many days. This box came from his members and friends at the Housey’s Rapids appointment. These gifts must be pleasing to Mr. Paull, as they are a token of appreciation of his labours..
Orillia Packet February 26, 1892

Housey Rapids column: Mr. Daniel Boone delivered a very interesting address last Sunday in the Free Methodist church; the subject being the behaviour of young people in the church.
Orillia Packet May 24, 1917