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Stock raising and dairying are likely to become the principal and most profitable branches of farming in Muskoka, as for these occupations the district is possessed of great advantages. Water is abundant and many places where the land is too light for grain or root crops, are quite suitable for pasture.
Orillia Packet July 27, 1871  

District: The annual Fall Show of Dalton, Rama and Ryde was held at Cooper’s Falls on Monday, October 1st. The weather was wet and cold, which had a bad effect upon the attendance.
Gravenhurst Banner October 4, 1888

Hop-growers have discovered what naturalists have long been trying to make farmers understand – that skunks, instead of being their enemies “are among their most useful friends….Hop-yards, it appears are infested by a certain kind of grub which gnaws off the tender vines at the root and this grub is the favourite food of the skunk.”
Orillia Packet July 31, 1902

Housey’s Rapids column: Crops are very good here, except buckwheat which has been badly injured by recent frosts.
Orillia Packet August 29, 1918

Housey’s Rapids column: The crops are looking well and there is a great abundance of bloom on all bushes and trees, especially huckleberries.
Orillia Packet June 19, 1919

Housey’s Rapids column: Seeding is the order of the day here…
Gravenhurst Banner May 11, 1922

Haying is almost over here now and the crops are very good here…. Mr. Sopher has completed his barn…
Gravenhurst Banner August 3, 1922

The Muskoka Community Project: The farmers clubs have been carrying on a steadily increasing business. One club centered in Barkway buys regularly from the Simcoe District Co-operative Services in Barrie.
Gravenhurst Banner January 29, 1942

Barkway News: Mr. Ed Taylor and son of Macaulay are again threshing in our community this year. Most everyone reports a good crop of grain.
Gravenhurst Banner September 22, 1949

Housey’s Rapids column: Potato digging is the order of the day. Mr. Bradley Smith expects to dig 600 bags.
Gravenhurst Banner October 5, 1950

Housey Rapids column: The raising of hogs is not at the present time as profitable as six months ago when the primary market price per cwt (hundredweight, 112 lbs.) was ten dollars higher.
Orillia Packet and Times November 6, 1954

Barkway News: Congratulations to Mr. Lloyd Seehaver who won fourth prize on his Rodney oats in the Muskoka 100 bushel oat club.
Gravenhurst Banner November 7, 1957

Barkway: A good many from here attended the Muskoka Soil and Crop Improvement Association banquet in Gravenhurst.
Gravenhurst Banner November 29, 1973

Barkway: Community spirit prevails for the past two weeks here in Barkway. Stooking and threshing was the order of the day since most of the men were at work elsewhere, women offered to help. Liz Kilbourne and Melissa MacQuarrie spent their days stooking and threshing with the men.
Gravenhurst News September 12, 1974